Everything You Need to Know about Full Body Massage

For you to perform body a full body massage in the proper way there are many things that you need to put into consideration.  Having some skills in massaging is a good thing even though you are not planning to do it as a career because you might use the skills on your loved ones or your partner if they are experiencing some aches or tensions in their bodies. There are some things that you should do and the first one should be making the mood right for the massage. You should not alter with the temperature in the room but it should be made to remain as comfortable as possible. If you can, you should also put some candles on and put on some soft music in the background.  You also need to have a towel that is soft and clean ready for use.


For you to do the massage in an easy manner, you should have some oil, preferably baby oil or some natural oil if you can get some and if possible choose some with a light scent. It is expected that the person being massaged lies down with the face looking downwards so that the massage can be handled correctly.  The upper torso should be the one that the massage is first done. Ensure that you put some oil, like one spoonful, in your palm and rub both of them together until it is warm.  The next thing that you should do is applying the oil to the side of the neck and make some movements towards the temple. There are even those that seek massage therapy after Tempe auto accidents


Make sure that you also massage the muscles on the neck and shoulder but in light strokes.  While massaging the shoulders and their blades, you should make sure that you rub them using circular movements.  The part of the body that should follow when doing the massage is the area around the backbone and it should be rubbed using circular motions. The other thing that you should do is knead and rub the sides of the torso in a gentle way and you should also do that to the armpits and the shoulders. It is essential for you to move from the shoulders to the hands as you ensure that you rub the biceps and triceps.


The other important thing that you need to ensure is that you knead both palms and all the fingers but one at a time. When concentrating on the lower back, you need to ensure that you apply some more pressure.  That should be done using the fingers and thumbs in outwards circular motions.  The next thing should be massaging the buttocks and the sides of the body. Learn more by clicking now


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